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Our journey so far...

Over the past few years, the association has engaged in various activities to research traditions and culture and contribute memories/stories for  projects celebrating little-known, distinct and the unique culture of Kodagu. This enriches our knowledge while showcasing to the rest of the UK what we're truly proud of as a community. 


They include:

  • Exhibition - of our artefacts, jewellery.

  • Saree draping, chale katto and mande thuni katto workshops.

  • Traditional dance performances- including Ummathat, Balopaat.

  • Panel discussions, presentations about Kodava dances and Devarakadu.

  • Dramas, traditional sports, stories and dances by children showcasing various traditional practices.

  • Supporting our community back in Coorg- Flood Relief.

  • Publications - Nangada Kathe and Nangada Adige.

  • Virtual Kodava Thakk -a tool for easy learning of our wonderful language.

Resources and Presentations

Nangaḍa Nūrϋ Vandané - June 2020

This poem was recited by our young members, to thank keyworkers among us, for their hard work during the pandemic in 2020. Mrs Mukkatira Shilpa Nanjappa used the lines that children wrote in English, to put together Nangaḍa Nūrϋ Vandané. 

(Thoughts and recitation by Nikhil, Neev, Tania, Ruhaan, Darsh, Tanisha, Adit, Alok and Arye on 6th June 2020)

Kodava Thakk Pariyana Baari

“Kodava Thakk Pariyana Baari” is an attempt to encourage and preserve our rich traditions, cultural values, family histories and spoken language helping children from the Kodava community across the world learn the Kodava language through e-learning.

Initiative: UK Kodagu Association

Grant: Heritage Lottery Fund

Voice over: Tania Thimmaiah and Diya Thimmaiah

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